SIGGRAPH 2013 | JULY.23-24, 2013, LOS ANGELES, CA

Celestia was accepted to be presented as a Poster at the SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference in Anaheim, California. People gravitated to Celestia’s unique aesthetic art style and wondered how to interact with Celestia with voice. Many of them shows interests in such innovative and intuitive game and looks forward to Celestia iOS version.


Celestia Poster


People take photo of Celestia


People ask questions about Celesita

SIGCHI 2013 | MAY. 1, 2013, PARIS, FRANCE

Celestia was accepted for inclusion in the CHI 2013 conference Student Game Competition. Celesetia team presented the project in the conference.


Celestia booth

In the demo session, people stopped by and checked out this amazing interaction music game. Players love it and gave positive feedbacks and suggestions,
“We really enjoyed your game!! I will most definitely download it. I’ll anxiously await iOS version!!”
“I think this was my favorite game that I tried today, I wanted to express the following ideas about learning how to play…”
“I’m very much interested in such beautiful project, if you need some help at some point, feel free to ask, I’m always happy if I can be of any use!”


Player learns how to play


Player enjoys Celestia

In the presentation session, the team introduced how we came up with this idea, how we built it and how can people interactive with it creatively.


Presenting Celestia to the jury

This was Celestia’s debut onstage, the exciting success acted as an encouragement to the team. Celestia was a three-week coursework of Building Virtual Worlds class and was fortunately selected as one of the fourteen projects for final show that will be held in the McConomy Auditorium, CMU. A vocalist volunteered to improvise the game for a live audience. The show turned out to be a great success and we received positive feedbacks like “it’s visually and aurally appealling”.

Anneke Singing

The vocalist performs Celestia


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