A Vocal Interaction Music Game

Celestia is a vocal interaction game where the player guides a newborn star through the universe by singing. The player sings different pitches/notes to help the star absorb satellites and fend off treacherous threats in her journey of stellar evolution. Celestia takes a minimalist and refreshing approach to aesthetics; its innovation lies in its stunning visualization of acoustic input.




Cheng Yang   Yang Shi


Celestia Mac OS   Celestia Windows


Users sing three pitches who are bound together to guide a newborn star through the universe with melody. In each phase, a new pitch is introduced.

In phase 1, your star is small and fragile, orbiting around the Orange Star. You can sing pitch D3/D2(female/male) to enlarge the gravity ring of your star, pull tiny planets to eat.


Lower pitch triggers enlarging… The star eats planets

In phase 2, you are traveling in your own orbit and the universe is getting more dangerous. You can sing pitch G3/G2(female/male) to shield, survive comets attack from the Blue Star when traveling. Use the first pitch you’ve learnt to eat planets as well.


Middle pitch triggers shielding… The star defend against comets

In phase 3, it’s time to form your own galaxy. You can sing pitch A#3/A#2(female/male) to accelerate and connect with a moon before it explodes. A moon in your galaxy can guard you from one comet attack.


Higher pitch triggers accelerating… The star connect with moons

When you complete three phases, your star is grown up and becomes an integral part of the universe.


3D Ending scene

Celestia takes a different, innovative approach to classic music games, its innovation lies in its artistic and illuminating visualization of acoustic input, conveying informative feedback to shape users’ appreciation of their vocal quality. Celestia also encourages users to explore other musical input possibilities to control the gameplay. Celestia is not confined to human voice, users can play instruments, such as guitar, piano or harmonica to run the game.

Celestia PROTOTYPE V1.0




The user’s voice can enlarge the star to absorb smaller planets and survive encounters with comets, nebulae. Every elements of the experiential aesthetic is tied to the background music, the constellation is the music visualization with three different colors reacting to high, mid and bass range of the soundtrack in real-time.

Absorbing Planets

Lower pitch triggers expanding… The star absorbs planets

Dodging Comets

Middle pitch triggers dodging… The star dodges comets

Burning Nebula

Higher pitch triggers brightening… The star burns nebulae